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A chance to connect with movement, scents, mindfulness, yourself and community! Take some time for you and BE LOVE. For more info:  Click HERE . Space is limited to 10.

A chance to connect with movement, scents, mindfulness, yourself and community! Take some time for you and BE LOVE. For more info: Click HERE. Space is limited to 10.

CREATIVE CONNECTIONS nz WORKSHOPS ARE FILLING UP!! Never been to a CCnz workshop? We, Aileen Katanella and I, (see photo on right) are excited to co-create and shake up our offerings!

Feeling ready for some self love? Tired of knowing you are more than what is currently happening in your life?
With the guidance of Desiree Mangandog's book, "I AM Fabulous" we have designed a fantastic workshop for you.
Join us for the afternoon where we will connect, play and explore how to create more self-love, energy, spaciousness in your life. These workshops will be kept to a maximum of 10, to optimize heartfull sharing.
Here you will have an opportunity to practice using essential oils, meditation, Expressive Arts, journaling and movement to easily support you in revealing what you are seeking. This will strengthen your ability to wisely choose the options that allow you to be Uplifted!
Each Workshop Includes:
*A 5ml Rollerball
I Love Myself (Grapefruit, Eucalyptus, Coriander, Ginger, Cinnamon etc.)

 No experience necessary, just a willingness to trust the process.  Email or call us with any questions.  (Space limited)

Below’s a short film with more info on CCnz! 

Now is the time to start living the life you always imagined.
— Anonymous
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CHECK OUT Aileen's Bio:

What do I have to offer to the world?

I feel I'm a bit like Mary Poppins, I have a big bag of knowledge ready to share with others.  Having practice Vipassana Meditation, Numerology Readings, Channelings and Virtues studies. I completed my training as a Montessori Teacher before becoming a mother and a Theta Healer practitioner. I know if you have a problem, a block in your life, in my magic bag, the answer will be there. The important thing is to find the solution, and we always will!

I'm a chilean chick and have been living in New Zealand for the last 16 years. I grew up in Chile with a very spiritual mother. Since I was young, I remember being with my mum and her clients, listening to metaphysics and spiritual talk such as Numerology and Channelling. Life was exciting and full.  

It was my parents trust and my curiosity to discover the world and myself, that provided me the courage to begin my travels.  

I opened the door to adulthood, at the age of 19, by traveling to countries such as Israel, India, Malaysia, Thailand, (to name a few), for the next two years. During this journey, I expanded my creative abilities to survive in these foreign lands. Part of this was to learn different languages which included Hebrew and English.

After returning home, my “traveling bug” was beginning to itch again, which lead me to New Zealand, where I met my partner Alex, who has joined me in the journey of raising our three beautiful girls.

Looking forward to inspiring you and each other!

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Aroha nui,   Aileen